Creating healthy eating habits

Gone are the days of following diets that don’t work. We know that sustainable weight loss requires time and support in creating healthy eating habits and an improved relationship with food.

The focus is on
your goals

Our programmes are supported by science and tailored to YOU. Your dietitian will focus on your goals, which may not be the number on the scales. Perhaps you would like to improve strength, digestion, and complexion or to simply feel more comfortable in your clothes.


We offer online programmes of 8 weeks, 6 and 12 months that take a holistic approach, providing bespoke support whilst taking into account any existing health and medical conditions.

All of our programmes have been developed by our specialist dietitian who has worked in the field of bariatric research. This means that we do expect significant improvements across a range of health and wellbeing outcomes.

Areas we can help
you with

What you can look
to achieve

If you’re unsure about how a programme would work for your lifestyle or specific health conditions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

What the programmes include

  • All the programmes begin with a 60-minute initial consultation, followed by 30-minute review appointments for the programme duration. The number and frequency of these review appointments varies depending on the package selected. 

  • Behavioural coaching to shape positive change.

  • Your dietitian will take into account your symptoms, medical history, lifestyle, dietary requirements and food habits as well as consider any barriers/challenges in order to tailor a programme to you. 

  • In some circumstances, your dietitian may need to liaise with your doctor (with your consent) to help you manage your medical condition. 

  • If appropriate, we can refer you to our clinical psychologist who can work with you to address any challenging thoughts, feelings and behaviours that may be affecting your progress. Note that these sessions are chargeable separately. 

The Benefits

Our reasons for wanting to lose weight are personal. Some of the common reasons for wanting to change our weight has nothing at all to do with the number on the scale. Perhaps you want to look after your health, reduce medications, feel more confident, be more mobile or simply fit into an old pair of jeans. Josie encourages these non-scale goals along the way, as these are a better reflection of our values and tend to be more helpful in keeping us motivated.

Evidence tells us that even a modest weight loss of 5-10% is likely to produce health benefits, such as:

  • improved blood pressure
  • better blood cholesterol levels
  • improved blood glucose levels

These are risk factors for various diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Other health benefits may positively influence: fertility, sleep apnoea, sexual dysfunction, fatty liver and mobility.

Changing Behaviours

We know that making quick and restrictive changes, as seen in many fad diets, may lead to some benefits in the short-term. However, these diets do not teach people how to address their underlying behaviours, such as emotional eating, lack of motivation or stress management which inevitably leads to weight regain.

  • We want to empower you to understand your behaviours and find a way to adopt healthier alternatives.
  • We will do this at a pace that suits you, and in a way that you enjoy. No behaviour change should be dreaded or feel like punishment!
  • We address behaviour change in a holistic manner, looking at stress management, sleep and exercise which can impact our food choices, weight and health.

From time to time we may recommend that you seek extra support for certain issues, for example speaking to our psychologist, or being referred to a physiotherapist.


Yes. We offer a 15 minute free-of-charge exploratory call with one of the team. We ask that you read through the different package options and make yourself familiar with the prices beforehand so that your 15 minutes together can focus on other things. 

In exceptional circumstances, pauses in programmes will be considered. We will discuss your individual circumstances with you to determine the most appropriate course of action. Note that missed sessions are not refundable.
Yes, you will work with the same dietitian for your programme duration.
We have maintenance programmes available if you feel you need continued support. These can be arranged with your dietitian based upon your individual requirements.

Packages start from £580. To find out more take a look at our online brochure (LINK).

You can fill in our contact form or book your free of charge exploratory call to find out which package will suit you best and we can then provide you with more information.

Note that a non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking, and once you have committed to the programme we do expect payment in full, which can be spread across several months for your convenience.

All of our programmes are non-refundable apart from during exceptional circumstances. For this reason, we encourage you to arrange a complimentary exploration call with one of the team to find out more before signing up.


We offer a 15 minute free of charge discovery call where your dietitian will discuss your needs and identify the most appropriate package for you. It’s your opportunity to ask any questions and ensure you’re the right fit for one other. There’s no obligation to commit at this stage.

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