Functional Gut Disorders

Do you suffer with bothersome gut symptoms at least once a week?

Have they been persisting for at least 6 months? If you answered yes to both, you may have what is called a functional gut disorder. Functional Gut Disorders are a category of conditions that include irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and functional bloating, where the structure of the gut is normal but how it works isn’t. Somewhat like a show house or a model home, everything looks okay but, on closer inspection, often the plumbing and electricity don’t actually work. If it turns out that this applies to your gut, don’t panic, as such disorders really are very common, affecting around 20% of people.

Our research team at King’s College London are currently investigating a range of different diet-based therapies to help manage different types of Functional Gut Disorders with great success.

At The Gut Health Clinic, all our dietitians are experts in this area. They will help you identify which type of Functional Gut Disorders you may have, recommend any tests needed and provide tailored dietary and lifestyle advice to help get your symptoms under control, and your quality of life back on track.

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