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Work With Us

We’re passionate about gut health education, making it easier for individuals to look after their health from the inside out. Our team of dietitians are available to speak at public or professional events, providing scientifically supported nutritional information on a wide range of topics.

The team are also available to work with journalists to share evidence-based nutrition information providing quotes, interviews or articles for media features.

We Help You Build A Thriving Team

Scientific studies have shown positive associations between healthy lifestyle interventions and improved employee productivity and reduced sick days.

Higher energy



sick days


Our Wellness Programme Provides
Your Team With Multiple Benefits

The Gut Health Clinic focuses on the diversity of the gut microbiome, which has proven links with everything from mental health and weight management to resilience to long covid.

We offer the following corporate wellbeing events, but can also develop a bespoke package depending on your requirements.

One hour Lunch + Learn

From gut health optimisation, to the latest gut-brain axis insights, tackling common gut complaints and other health conditions – we offer bespoke presentations to suit your employees’ needs and interests.

Virtual and on-site options.

Pop-Up Nutrition Clinic

30 minute express consultations
with one of our specialist dietitians.
Virtual and on-site options.


Dietitians on Demand

Subscription to email support for employees.
Advice provided by our specialist dietitians and access to relevant resources.
10% discount for your employees on 1:1 sessions with our team.

Gut-boosting Menu Refresh

We work with chefs, catering and kitchen teams to devise gut-nourishing meals to ensure your employees are fuelled for success.

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